Do you need a dose of realism?

A fresh New Year, a fresh new perspective?

For some, definitely. This January we have seen some of our clients move into the New Year with ambition, clarity, excitement and purpose. In turn, this has led to some great little projects for The Passionate PA team:

Strategy sessions – researching new revenue streams and markets
Multifaceted sales campaigns – telemarketing and e-commerce website
An 8 page printed newsletter – writing, designing and managing the suppliers
Powerful databases – exhibitions for the marine industry, amongst other things!
Managing a ‘Lumpy Mail’ campaign – to drive enquiries for a client’s business
Annual Dinner event management – with a guest list of 140+ and entertainment
Workflow process mapping – to ensure the client is as efficient as can be.

But, as much as we love working with clients that are raring to go, at this time of year we always make a special effort to recognise the clients that have lost their mojo or have what I like to call Must Be Greater Fatigue

We’ve all seen the ‘New Year, New You’ social media content, with tips on how to be the greatest you that you’ve ever been. We are all constantly told to achieve more, be more successful, make more money etc. with posts like “15 things all successful business people do before breakfast”. Alongside all the posts about finding your inner peace and being true to yourself… It’s the same content every January, right? And it can be exhausting!

So, to be honest, we find it quite refreshing when clients throw their hands up and say they’d rather just have a nice cup of tea than conquer all their imperfections AND run an awesome business. It’s shows they’re human.

Every client means the world to us, and so we feel we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t step up to help each one in whatever way is needed. Sometimes it’s a coffee and a natter before they continue on their steady path for global domination. Sometimes it’s brainstorming a particular project and clearing the blockers in the way of progression. Often, it’s simply just taking away some of the strain of running their business.

Portrait - For BlogSo here’s my dose of realism for you… if 2017 has started for you pretty much the same way as 2016 ended, then that is perfectly ok. You are not a failure, you are not any less brilliant than the business person who shouts about how amazing their new plans are for this year, and you are certainly no less worthy of the business of your dreams.

It’s all about perspective and support, and here at The Passionate PA we do both of those… because we’re human too.

Happy Friday!

Kate x

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